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How to Apply to become a Habitat Homeowner

Ability To Pay

Applicants must demonstrate an ability to pay a Habitat mortgage.  Habitat homes are not free. Potential Homeowners will be signing a mortgage at the completion of their build. The mortgage payments they make help fund future Habitat homes. This information will be requested upon submitting your application.

What is a Habitat Homeowner

Who Qualifies to become a Habitat Homeowner

Willingness to Partner

Applicants must be willing to complete Habitat's requirements before the completion of their build. Potential homebuyers put in hundreds of hours of “sweat equity,” which means they help build their own home or volunteer at our Habitat ReStore.

Need for Housing

Applicants must have a need for safe, decent, or affordable housing. Potential homebuyers might be dealing with poorly built, unhealthy, damaged or inadequate housing. Alternatively, you might have a rent that you cannot afford, or may be living in a home that is inaccessible for your disabilities..

Habitat homeowners access a new opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their family.  Habitat homeowners build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. By working with Habitat, Habitat homeowners achieve the independence needed to build a better life for themselves and their families. Through the help of donors, sponsors, and volunteers, construction costs are kept affordable. Homeowners not only help build their homes but they also pay a mortgage that helps fund a hand up to the next homeowner.

1 - Complete and Submit your Application 

2 - Applications are reviewed by Habitat's Family Selection Committee

3- Qualifying Applications are sent to Habitat's Board for Approval

4 - Approved Potential Homebuyers start completing sweat equity requirements of Habitat's Homeownership Program.

5 - Habitat Homeowner signs Mortgage upon completion of their build.

6 - Mortgage payments go towards helping Habitat fund additional home builds. 

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For a full list of Habitat Homeowner Requirements, please click HERE

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Potential applicants to Habitat for Humanity of Knox County Ohio but be a resident of Knox County.

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